Playgrounds near me : Dublin, St. Patricks Park

Dublin, St. Patricks Park
Mar 3 2014

The Viking Shipwreck – Designed for maximum play value, the bow of the boat is still prominent from the “water” creating an excellent climbing feature for younger children. The boat is full of holes which is great for exploration, along with ladders and a slide to add to the additional excitement. A hand carved dragons head is the feature at the front of the bow overlooking Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

The ‘Wreckage’ Balance Course –This was designed to reflect the debris from the shipwreck, with mast still ajar in the air and sail attached. The rowing posts used to manoeuvre the boat and “fishing” rope nets are still joined in a haphazard fashion to create and exciting balance course.

The Cargo ‘Treasure’ Box –The Vikings precious treasure, cracks open leaving an empty crawl space. Extra hand grips were added to double the play value.

2 weeks
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