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The Children’s Playground Co. Ltd is a TÜV certified manufacturer of high-quality play products and implementation services. Using experienced design and engineering resources, CPCL delivers, cost-effective play solutions that clearly address the specific needs of each project.

Our primary business focus is the design, manufacture and installation of playground equipment of Robinia Wood.

Our aspiration is to create distinctive, stimulating, imaginative and challenging playgrounds for children of all abilities. We believe playgrounds should reflect the needs of their users and we work together with our clients: councils, schools, community groups... to achieve challenging play projects.

We develope projects ranging from conventional designs to the most exciting Theme playgrounds, always bearing in mind the need to “challenge the Child”. We also install and maintain our playgrounds with our own employees and wherever appropriate, we advocate in favour of natural materials.  

The Children’s Playground Co. Ltd founded in 2001, is a family owned company.

Our design team is led by Ms Rinske Wassenaar a Dutch national, former art teacher and supported by technicians, industrial designers, landscape architects, engineers, graphic designers.

Recent Projects

May 2016
Peterborough, Sue Ryder Foundation:
Sue Ryder, was a British volunteer with Special Operations Executive in the Second World War, who afterwards led many charitable organisations notably the charity named in her honour.
Asked by the charity director to design a playground for Thorpe hall. The equipment needed to fit in a tight space, suitable for visiting children.
The unit designed, contains an innovative stainless steel crawling tunnel, designed and developed by CPCL, the first of its kind in the UK. The crawling tunnel can be expanded in different ways and lengths to create additional play-value.
Other equipment: musical instruments, memory games, distortion mirrors, a labyrinth and a play sculpture caterpillar.
We had great support from Martin and the staff and the project went smoothly.
May 2016
Sandford-on-Thames, Oxford, a new natural playground project in progress, with expected finishing date the 20th. of May. More photo's to follow on completion.
May 2016
Stillorgan Playground expected finish date 30.05.2016.
Apr 2016
Lime Tree Park was a flat open space with no interesting features or real amenity value to the local community, The residents and their children together with Woodland environmental and Ealing Council arrived at a solution, holding a number of public consultations where the residents had their say on issues such as design, layout and use once the project was finished. The whole project has been a huge success for all parties. The residents can use the park once again to its full amenity value in a safe environment. Play area by CPCL
Apr 2016
Extra pictures taken just before the opening of Ebury playground including balencing trails, sand play area and stepping posts
Apr 2016
Putting the finishing touches to Ebury playground at Uxbridge rd roundabout in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD37HD just outside London.
The existing playground underwent major refurbishment including a complete new layout, integrating equipment on a large mound.Playscape of stepping posts, rope structures, bridges to cater for younger and older groups of children and lots of seating throughout the area.
A large trampoline, a great amount of swings with 3 multi units of various combinations to suit all ages and abilities.
This project was delivered on time and within budget.
Just waiting for the lawn turf to settle
Expected opening 2nd week of April
Mar 2016
West Twyford Primary school.
The name Twyford relates to Twyford Brook. The brook now runs almost entirely underground. It formerly fed the Guinness brewery in Park Royal. The word itself 'Twyford' is said to mean 'Two Fords'. The primary school in West Twyford that caters for children from 3 to 11 years old. It has around 300 pupils on the school roll.
Jan 2016
Wortwell is a small village in the county of Norfolk, situated in the south of the county, population 574. Really great co-operation with community working on this project.
Jan 2016
Wansford, sometimes Wansford-in-England is a village just off the Great North Road near Peterborough.
According to local folklore, the name Wansford-in-England comes from the tale of a local man who fell asleep on a hayrick and upon awakening found himself floating down the River Nene. He asked a traveller on the riverbank where he was, and upon hearing the reply "Wansford", asked, "Wansford in England?". The name stuck.
Playhouse with a slanted roof a large 2m platform with seating inside and stainless steel slide, a train on the outskirts and an amazing tunnel for small children with various challenges.
Jan 2016
The holiday period is never long enough, however its good to be back.
January always seems to be the busiest month of the year, which saw the completion of 3 playgrounds. Of course there is no let up, with the preparation of a major project in Rickmansworth of which the manufacturing is almost complete.

Quarryvale in Clondalkin, Dublin.
Another natural setting with the Robinia equipment integrated in the landscape, including tree trunks, sand and water play, dry riverbed with large boulders.and accessability for children of all abilities.
CPCL`s committment to high quality, includes the provision of drainage to provide for play on a rainy day: set on a bed of 40mm drainage stone with a 1,000 gauge terram separation, is essential to guard against the winter weather.
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