Robinia Wood

Abbreviation: ROB, Din4076 Part1

Botanical name: robinia pseudoacacia L.

Other name: false acacia.

The Robinia tree was introduced to France at the beginning of the 17th century by Jean Robin, the court gardener in Paris. Robinia was introduced because of its beauty to be used as ornamental trees. Their commercial properties were only discovered later.

Robinia is the only wood that is categorised in resistance class 1 (DIN EN 350-2) compared to oak 2 and pine 4. Hence robinia can be used for outdoor structures without protective treatment, making it a great alternative to tropical woods. It is very heavy and considerably more solid than oak.

You can contribute to the conservation of the forest by shopping sensibly. Being a customer, you help make decisions concerning our own future, the future of others and the future of the forest on this planet.

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