Safety Surface

It is preferable that children’s playgrounds would have features that bring children into contact with natural materials. Where possible we extend this philosophy to the safety surfaces while retaining compliance with EN1177 standards at all times. All surfaces are installed by our own 'in-house team'.

Sand – Corn size 0.2-2mm, infill depth 500mm for CFH up to 3.0m Sand play facilitates the use of fingers, hands and arms while maintaining overall balance and coordination of the body. Sand play is also typical interactive play which develops social skills such as concentration and spatial skills, verbal communication, sharing, helping and friendship building.

Wood Chippings - Mechanical pieced wood without bark, corn size 20-80mm, infill depth 300mm for CFH up to 3.0m

Play bark- Mechanical pieced bark of pine, corn size 5-30mm, infill depth 350mm for CFH up to 3.0m. We use high quality play bark and chippings. These give a natural loose fill surface that is easy to maintain, sustainable and environmentally friendly. We always install drainage as a part of our base works for this surface.

Rubber tiles – Regulation determines thickness for certain CFH. Where a rubber surface is required we use tiles. These are long lasting tiles available in various colours to suit the project and can be recycled.

Safagrass – CFH up to 2.5m Safagrass provides a surface that complements a natural grass surface providing a safe surface that is non slip and wheelchair friendly. When placed on an existing grass surface it removes the need for extensive base works creating a hard wearing natural grass setting for our equipment.

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